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CRM Applications

Their various types of modules that a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software provides.
Solution Detail

Sales Automation

CRM365cloud provides software that automates order processing to order tracking, managing information...

Lead Management

Sales start with leads acquisition, nurturing and tracking. Sales leads are essential to convert them into revenue generating opportunities.

Task Management

Task management module assign a task to the concerned person to arrange a meeting with the client for further discussion.

Barcode Integration

Barcode Module used to gather information related inventory. We will provide Barcode reader, which helps to view your product details.

Key Feature

Here we listed down 18 KEY features of CRM software that will help you to know and use CRM better.
Let's dig deeper!

Sales Funnel

Manage all of your online campaigns in one central location with our marketing automation tool. Our Sales Funnel module helps the sales team to forecast, focus, prioritize & win tremendous probable sales opportunities. Successful and reliable sales forecasting is a fundamental element of any sales strategy, and this is where our system comes into its own.

Call Center CRM

If you don't know, 44% of your client will move to your competitor because of inadequate customer assistance. This small number is enough to convince anyone of the seriousness of having a call centre CRM for business. A call centre CRM helps you to make the calls, receive calls, track the number of calls being made and generate IVR responses.

Rights Management and Security

Rights management tool helps to give authority of data access according to level wise. It decreases security concerns and lessens risks. It ensures each user gets access to relevant customer data and information according to their job roles. Like, If you are a company owner, then you have all rights to add, view, edit or delete any content but if you are Employee, then your rights are limited.

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  • Activity - Based Sales
  • Simple To Use
  • Easy To Customise
  • AMC

Activity - Based Sales

We've built our activity-based selling methodology right into the software. You'll always know which actions need your attention next, as you focus on the aspects of selling that are under your control.

Simple To Use

We focus on intuitive interfaces, clean layouts and a simple user experience, which is why many Client claims to enjoy using CRM365cloud actively.

Easy To Customise

There is no standard procedure for doing any business. All businesses are a different and working procedure of every business is different, which is why we give complete freedom to customize the pipe drive to our clients. Make our software serve your needs exactly, with an ever-growing list of integration to explore.


We provide an annual maintenance contract (AMC). After handover project to the client, we sign a yearly contract. If the client gets an issue in the software at that time, we provide a solution free of charge.

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