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Features of CRM365cloud

Innumerable features that are very sensitive to the needs of every companies. Seemingly negligible yet sensitive factors become an organizational and planning challenge. CRM365cloud has a wide feature index and have helped many businesses in an organized manner. Here are some of the most important features of the leading CRM software.

Sales Funnel

Manage all of your online campaigns in one central location with our marketing automation tool. Our Sales Funnel module helps the sales team to forecast, focus, prioritize & win tremendous probable sales opportunities. Successful and reliable sales forecasting is a fundamental element of any sales strategy, and this is where our system comes into its own.

CRM Dashboards

Observe your marketing, sales and customer support metrics with CRM365Cloud’s Dashboards. With CRM365cloud you can plan task with the team, and you can assign a task to the particular person. You can also add follow up details for the project. In this module, you can view the log call of the client, so anyone gets an exact idea about that project. If group discussion is necessary for the project, you can create an event for that project and can group discussion can done with whoever involved in that project. Using management tool user can manage an organization and many branches from one place.

Quote Management

Create quotes fast and efficiently streamline your sales cycle and improve deal velocity with CRM quotation software for every business.

CRM Mobile App

With Android/ iOS CRM mobile app, you can work from anywhere, any time and it improves the sales productivity. It enhances productivity while on the road, with or without connectivity. CRM Mobile App helps the sales team to access the complete CRM in the mobile phone. The sales team can view the daily plan, update customer visits & update daily sales reports. The mobile CRM app has all relevant information such as leads, opportunities, customer contacts which helps salesperson in closing the sale.

Rights Management and Security

Rights management tool helps to give authority of data access according to level wise. It decreases security concerns and lessens risks for your business with CRM365Cloud’s security features. It ensures each user gets access to relevant customer data and information according to their job roles. Like if you are a company owner then you have all rights to add, view, edit or delete any content but if you are Employee, then your rights are limited.

Campaign Management

Improve your marketing and sales initiatives with CRM365cloud’s campaign management software. Create, execute and track campaigns across multiple channels. Develop compelling email marketing programs and easily capture leads from your website.

CRM - loyalty card

Credit Management - Allow client to use your application without pay full payment of that application. In this tool save that client information with due amount and due date. After that day if client doesn`t pay full payment system will autogenerate mail and text and send to client for left payment.

Budget Management

Budget tool give you functionality to save your targeted budget information about that project. You can also save team information which work on that project.

Campaign Management

In this tool user can store information related exhibition, event spend exact cost. Also store covered cost so you learn how much money you gain or loss from that exhibition or event.


(Whom data see whom)

Every business is different, yet each can benefit from using CRM365cloud's custom CRM. Customize and configure CRM365cloud to meet your specific business requirements.

Email and Calendar Integration

CRM365cloud makes it simple for you to track client emails, manage appointments and keep your schedule in sync with our seamless CRM integrated Calendar. Be more fruitful and concentrate on your consumers.

Lead Management

Quickly recognize and track your hottest leads from various campaigns, with our lead management software.

Multi Language Support

CRM365cloud supports multiple language and it has a framework of adding many other languages.

Search and Filters

CRM365cloud makes searching the information you want simple so that you can spend most of your time acting on data and less time looking for information.

Personalized Update Streams

Increase social collaboration among CRM with customized updates. CRM streams are available on the home page so every user can learn and act on the most relevant information. Like, birthday wishes.

​Social Media CRM

Integrate all social media platforms to help your organization engage with your consumers at a more personal level.

Google Apps Integration

Share data efficiently between CRM365cloud and Google application. Like, Gmail, Google Drive,Google Maps and Google calendar.

​Call Center CRM

If you don't know, 44% of your client will move to your competitor because of poor customer assistance. This small number is enough to convince anyone of the seriousness of having a call center CRM for business. A call center CRM helps you to make the calls, receive calls, track the number of calls being made and generate IVR responses. With call center CRM, even before you pick up the phone, you know specifically what your client wants which lets your team deliver personalized assistance. CRM which comes with a call center integration would make the real sense for your business, and it's need.