CRM365cloud provides software that automates order processing to order tracking, managing reports, contact management, inventory management (monitoring and control), customer management, sales analysis and employee performance evaluation. CRM365cloud helps in time-saving, improves performance, increasing revenues, and takes care of customer service resulting in repeating customers.


Sales start with leads acquisition, nurturing and tracking. Sales leads are essential to convert them into revenue generating opportunities. After lead convert into opportunity, there were many subtasks like analysis, proposal, negotiation, follow up, task assign and an event. After closing the lead, client's account gets created in the customer relationship management software, and the team start working on that project.


Opportunity management module gives an insight of leads in sales. Simple leads are just necessary information, and that's insignificant unless it is defined as per your needs. This opportunity module does this analysis and filtering leads.

Inside the pipeline outlook, you can watch opportunities at a glance. For quick reference, you can label opportunities so that priorities can show directly based on category:

Hot — this is a topmost priority lead or opportunity, and that should be worked instantly.
Medium — this is a lead, that should be worked as a buyer is active.
Cold — The opportunity is held from the buyer's view.

No person wants to spend time on irrelevant or useless leads, that's why our customer relationship management software is for you. It helps in filtering thousands of leads through this complex mechanism, and you can focus on the most relevant data.

Since a salesperson is sometimes away from the office, their mobile may be their sole connection with CRM, and the opportunity data they need to see and update. CRM365cloud's CRM Mobile App brings opportunity management right to your iPhone or Android mobile.


If a salesperson has some query or having a problem in understanding client's requirement, that's when a salesperson uses task management module and assign a task to the concerned person to arrange a meeting with the client for further discussion.

The purpose of CRM is to reach the client at the right time. This module helps the sales representative to manage their activities and reminds about the follow-ups.


In CRM365cloud, you can make invoices with a professional look, which can be shared via email and downloaded in PDF. Managing invoices is the most tedious part of any business. With our CRM software, you can now raise invoices automatically. The invoices are created in company's letterhead in our CRM software. You can also convert quotations into invoices with a single click, and it can be either printed out or emailed to customers. In CRM365cloud, you can set reminders for invoice due dates. With Customer relationship management software, you can stay on top of your billing. Create, customize and mail invoices & get paid on time.


Mobile application enhances communication with clients. You can find and update the information of leads via mobile when you are out of the office.
A CRM software with a mobile application keeps you up to date with client's data. It helps in taking notes, change stage deals, update client status, and reschedule appointments through mobile.
You can view meetings updates, event updates, and account updates on the fingertip with a mobile CRM app. You can access and update your CRM data anytime, even while offline.

Other Modules


Campaign Management Module enables the planning and tracking of marketing activities. The collected leads will be stored into CRM, which provides an accurate measurement of the marketing campaign's' success.


Barcode Module used to collect information related inventory. We provide barcode reader, which helps to view your inventory, product details, expiry dates and all related details. We also provide barcode gun which generates a barcode. Barcode module can be used for managing employee's information as well.


CRM365cloud is far more than a contacts list software (names, numbers and addresses) – CRM software allows you to trace and manage all phases of your client relationship. Access important customer data like contacts and communication history quickly with CRM365cloud. With the basic information, CRM365cloud gives you a full insight of your contacts' communications; history; won sales; purchased products; pain-points; and accordingly presents you with an apparent and actionable analysis.


Admin gave role rights as per job role. Admin can send an alert message to take a follow up for a particular party. Admin can assign a task to any executive, and he or she will get that task on their dashboard automatically.
The user can quickly view reports, lead, opportunity and payment schedule detail. Mainly user views all the details in list view as well as a graphical funnel.


CRM365cloud, online customer relationship management system makes your purchase process starting from obtaining raw material to making orders, managing GRN and material inward, invoicing of purchase, goods return, and reports extremely easy. Make intelligent purchase decisions by detailed forecast, timely acquirement and effective management of vendors with feature-rich purchase module.


CRM365cloud allows users to enter and maintain various demographic and other information about clients, business partners, associations and competitors. Companies can be formed into hierarchies to track the 'parent-child' relationships of parent companies and subsidiaries at various levels.


Notification Module allows some impressive functionality around alerts, which can be visible in the User Interface.
Notifications can be anything which needs to be given consideration or reminds a user to take action. Like, you may set notifications to inform a sales manager of any new leads created by a business development executive.
CRM system gives you a notification when task completion date or event date is in near time.


CRM365cloud allows you to track your office assets. Suppose, a vehicle is used for office work then using a mobile application you can track that vehicle. CRM365cloud has a GPS vehicle tracking machine integrated with web and mobile application.