CRM is an abbreviation of customer relationship management, is the word itself denotes business software, which helps business owners to manage customer data and communication, store leads data for sales and marketing, robotize sales and marketing deal, develop the customer-business relationship more efficient and effective, and much more.

To manage all information from centralized and can be accessed across multiple departments, Citta Solutions Pvt Ltd has developed “CRM365Cloud” - Customer Management Software to make the business system more live, easier and productive.

Of course yes, We serve our customers in multiway: Desktop, Web (Cloud-based hosted) and Mobile Apps. It’s not a big deal if you want to switch from desktop to web or vice-versa. We are suitable in any way to set up your business and contribute our efforts for all the unique requirements of business solutions that make sense.

Every business has a different working system, as business segments are different. So, we can not define a standard procedure for all business, that’s why we give complete exemption to customize based on your business needs. Our Software comes with predefined modules and features, like complain management, budget management, sales funnel, campaign management, sales automation, task management. These all features come with the standard purchase of CRM365Cloud and customization can be done based on your requirements.

Yes, Training and support is our first step after the deployment of software on your premises or web. We are giving both way support for web hosted and on-premises any time. We have created a quick tutorial video and step by step instructional to understand our software at any time, are available online. Our support members give you a full demonstration of the software to end-users with a deep knowledge of the CRM software.

An unlimited user can contact our support team. Over ten years, we’ve served about 200+ CRM365Cloud users.

You can anytime change the number of users as per your requirements.

After successful deep testing from our QA team, our CRM deployment experts are installing the product at your premises or web, and they are well-trained in their positions.

CRM365Cloud has 60 employees. We have 2100 customers. We are a Pvt Ltd and ISO Certified company founded in 2009.

Yes, you can make invoices with a professional look in the company’s letterhead and can be shared via email and downloaded in PDF.

Yes, We have implemented a Barcode reader which helps to view your inventory, product details, expiry dates, and all other details. Barcode gun will generate a barcode can be used for managing employee's information as well.