What's Inside of The Program?

Now you can connect a CRM365cloud.com in any part of India and benefit greatly from it.

No Investment

No prior investment required to start a business.

Early Payback

Get easy & early return of time and hard work you invested.

Smart Revenue Share

We value our partnership with a revenue sharing to create an attractive ecosystem.

Marketing and Sales Support

Available 24/7 for marketing and sales support to increase business.

Collaboration with Citta

Quotes define - "Together Each Achieve More". Let's work for the common business object to achieve more.

Reseller (CASR) Program

The Citta Authorized Solutions Reseller (CASR) program was made to engage partners to exchange programming and robotization solutions for business clients as a component of their general customer solutions program.
Citta CASRs are a cutting edge ecosystem that offer programming software and automation solutions for business clients each verticals.
The CASR program incorporates advantages and assets, for example, sales tools, marketing campaigns and readiness training to assist your teams to sell, deploy and support software and automation solutions.

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